Devotion Devil : Mark Montgomery


Devotion Devil by Mark Montgomery

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Devotion Devil by Mark Montgomery

1560. One chronicle; two stories; three cities; four journeys. This is the second volume in the Borderer Chronicles series.

Four men of dedication, motivated by their own devotion, take different journeys to the same city. A steadfast man, by way of siege; a noble man, by way of melancholia put aside for dalliance and duty; a godly man, by way of loss and self-discovery; and a vain and sinful man by way of guile. All travel to deal with a master of prominence; a devil within a guild of secrets.

All four men will face the Devil, but who will be the man to defeat him, the steadfast man, the noble man, the godly man, or the vain and sinful man? Who best could play the Devil’s game and win?

Devotion and the Devil is a saga set against the Seige of Leith, and the triangle of trade between Edinburgh, Newcastle and Antwerp.